Today is Aviation Maintenance Technician day!
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Happy Aviation Maintenance Technician day!

The world of aircraft is an exciting aspect of man’s history towards the skies. If we didn’t have our mechanics working behind the scenes, then flight wouldn’t have become as popular as it has in the past century.
On May 24, we celebrate the AMT day to give recognition to these men and women who have worked making and keeping aviation possible.

The date was selected to honor the birth day of Charles Edward Taylor, the first aircraft mechanic, who worked with the legendary Wright Brothers, building the 12-horsepower engine in 1903, and finally making flight possible.

Let’s appreciate our technicians today, in many ways:

1 • Thank an aviation technician
If you know someone who works in aviation, make his day by saying “thank you” for his services.

2 • Inform yourself about aviation
The history of aviation interests you? Then research it and buy books on aviation to learn more about it.

3 • Use the hashtag #AviationMaintenanceTechnicianDay
Share photos of your mechanic friends and tell others about their life and how much you appreciate them.

4 • Be part of this world
Find a career in aviation and see where life takes you!

Thank you all!

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