Today is international day of the air traffic controller!
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Happy International Day of the Air Traffic Controller!

On October 20, the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller marks the anniversary of IFATCA (International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations), but not only: we also celebrate the men and women who 24/7 help make air travel the safest possible mode of transport.

The idea of founding an international association of air traffic controllers belongs to the Israel Air Traffic Controllers’ Association, headed by Mr. Jacob Wachtel. The response was immediate and universal, and the federation was created in Amsterdam in 1961. Today, it represents more than 50,000 air traffic control professionals in over 130 countries.

Everyday, thousands of planes are guided safely through the skies thanks to them. Whether they are carrying passengers or cargo, flight crews are responsible for their load, and when they fly they entirely count on the air traffic controllers, the systems they use and all the people behind the scenes. They’re the guardians of flight safety – we can’t see them, but they’re constantly watching over us when we are in the skies.
The air traffic control profession is one that requires highly specialized knowledge, skills and abilities: controllers strive each minute to give the utmost in service to the flying public, to bring us safely and efficiently to our destination.

To all air traffic controllers, thank you for keeping us flying safe in the skies!

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