Today is global leasing day!
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Happy Global Leasing Day!

On November 9, the Global Leasing Day celebrates partnerships between industry leaders.
A lease is a long-term arrangement in which one party (the lessee) regularly pays the other (the lessor) for the right to use an asset.

This professional day was created in 2017 by AviaAM Leasing, a Lithuania-based aviation leasing company. It was originally devoted to the aviation industry, and aimed to unite leasing professionals worldwide, and to raise global awareness of the financial leasing industry and the benefits of lease agreements.

The Global Leasing Day quickly became a global event celebrated by thousands of leasing professionals around the world. Today, it is one of the biggest financial cross-industry social initiatives that unites representatives of leasing and brokerage companies, funds, banks, automotive and aviation companies, and other various industries from all parts of the world.

To all those 6.2 million professionals who ensure the growth of leasing business, thank you!

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